These resources are of possible value to Orthodox Christians and people who are interested in the Orthodox Christian Faith who either have disabilities, are friends, relations, or fellow parishioners of people who have disabilities, or are spiritual fathers or mentors to people with disabilities, their families, friends, and fellow parishioners.

These resources are either professional or specialty-oriented in nature and meet a need which the Church may not be in a position to address, or are non-Orthodox Christian in origin and possess promising elements which Orthodox Christians who have disabilities and their families, friends, and spiritual fathers can appropriate and utilize profitably, in conformity to the Orthodox Christian way of life.

If  there is any doubt whether utilization of one of these resources can be conformed with the Orthodox Christian way of life, it is wise to discuss the matter with one’s parish priest. Love is quick to listen to neighbors, but weighs matters carefully before enacting them in word or deed. (A paraphrase of  the Epistle of St. James 1:19)


Other Writings https://moreresources.wordpress.com/other-writings/ 

Other Websites https://moreresources.wordpress.com/other-websites/ 

This site is a supplement to Arms Open Wide: Orthodox Christian Disability Resources: http://armsopenwide.wordpress.com/ The pages contain the full list; the blogroll to the left, a condensed list.


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